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This Film is NOT for Everyone!!
It ReDiscovers Sonakshi Sinha, Stunned by her performance…
She Stole the show throughout!!
The Film is Slow but Unfolds Smoothly with those Rhythmic Masterpiece Songs which touches the core of the Heart somewhere to make it BLEED!!!
Ranveer ‘Behrman’ Singh Impressed & the End was Just PICTURE perfect with ‘The Last LEaf’ unfolded by William Sydney Porter better known as O.Henry.
Will Be Waiting for more,Motwane Sir!!
A very sPeCiAL film to me as ‘The Last Leaf’ was the story that i was very touched reading then in my textbook in my early Teens (courtesy Molly Aunty).
Made me Nostalgic, Gave me GooseBumps at the End!!