An Adventurous Ride of Excitement & Nostalgia with the Comic-Book-Style Action Sequences & Engrossing Performance of Bumbada as an Apropiate ‘Kakababu’ makes the movie Worth a Watch!! 🙂
Indraneil delivered his Best Performance till date with amazing make-ups Surprising all the time…Strong Performances from Rajit Kapoor & Barun Chanda overshadowed Aryaan as the romantic ‘Santu’..
Kudos to Srijit Mukherji For Immaculate direction & solid Dialogues as expected.
But the Winner of them all is the Excellent BACKGROUND MUSIC & Cinematography of the film.
With the Ambience of a full House,for once I forgot I was watching a Bengali Film.
But I felt few family scenes with Comic Reliefs that stretched were irrelevant & should have been Chopped to make the Film Shorter.