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Salute Soumik Halder for a Treat of a Visual Excellence!!
Scintillating Cinematography & Apt Background Music Makes the Movie a Visual Treat and a Dream Come True!!
The Movie has only one lead Star i.e ‘AFRICA’ & that’s Enough to go to the Theaters.
Supporting Actor Deepak Adhikary gave his Best Effort of his life but still fell a bit short of acheiving Shankar accurately thus making solo scenes a bit boring.
The Film’s a bit too stretched at parts but Directed well No Doubt.
Overall Tollywood is the winner to have achieved the Impossible.
Bangla Cinema kothay pouchhe ge6e…I am Happy for that smile emoticon

Note: Go watch Chader Pahar to Relive your Childhood Dreams if you have read the book back then. like emoticon