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I Recommend A MUST WATCH in BOLD Letters.

Too Good a Film to be criticised..SPEECHLESS!!
A COMPLETE FILM by its Definition of Mindblowing STORY,ScreenPlay,MUSIC,ACTING,Cinematography,Editing & in this case most importantly RESEARCH work.
It is completely what a film should be.
Brilliant in every aspect, so is the treatment of the idea coming out of a song,that itself is an unbelievable achievement.
The way it has been shot and edited.The transition between the periods and the way the screenplay unfolds… Haven’t seen a better treatment so perfect.
The use of the songs, the subtle Sonar Kella reference,the dialogues, character establishments.BANG ON! 👏

With Immaculate work by Jishu Sengupta as Rohit Mehta,who is the Real Protagonist of the movie,whose life somehow moves Surprisingly on the Similar Tracks of Hensman Anthony played by a Terrific Prosenjit Chatterjee who is the Jaatishwar Kushal Hazra as well.
Strong Performances of Swastika,Mamata Shankar & Kharaj added Spark to the FireCracker. smile emoticon
With Superb Introduction Style of Characters, Brilliant Synchronizations of two historical periods & Unforgettable SpineChilling Climax with Oh-so-Meaningful ‘E tumi Kemon tumi’ it is Truely Srijit Mukherji‘s best Film till date.. (Pushed Baishey Srabon to the second spot).
Special Tribute :
i) Kabir Suman for the Song ‘Jaatiswar’, which led to the birth of the Film.
ii) Srikanto Acharya for lending his Voice to Hensman Anthony

Undoubtably, the best film in recent times…