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Time for Another Review….
GUNDAY delivers on bits and pieces of that expectation..

Though it’s Bollywood’s typical Masala Film (but not a Pot-Boiler types) whose large part of the story actually unfolds in the mid 1980s But the film makes a COMPLETE SHIT of the Period details… due to a very Poor Research Work & Art Direction!!
Direction & Editing Clearly had LoopHoles.
The Story was ‘Old wine in a New Bottle’ still Priyanka & Irfan’s Performances are top Class.. Ranveer was Suave.. Arjun Average 🙂
The Chemistry between Bikram & Bala was Scintillating ‘Anguthha laga k’ so as the Sentiments Shown in the Film.
Overall, an Above Average Film rated 6/10 !! smile emoticon
The Dialogue we Loved-“Jis Bangali ko Football Pasand Nahi, Uspe saala Bharosa hi nahi kar na chahiye..”