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Sadher Lighty Ese6e Sohore….  (♥ ed the Song)
Fultoo Bawaal No-Brainer Cinema with Sarcasm in every minute of it… Total Khilli & Chyangrami…..
It is like watching Mirakkel Uncut On Big Screen…
A ROFL Film with a Wafer-Thin Illogical Plot but DARE U complain because it is a Paisa Vasool & Most IMPORTANTLY an Adult Entertainer which slaps every1 with Humour.. as the Film Says It is RATED “A++” wink emoticon
Rahul-Priyanka ar Rabindranath er Chapter tar kono kotha hobena… grin emoticon
Performances are Bang ON..Sobsomoy odhik sonnasi te Gajon nosto hoyna.. smile emoticon
But Cinema tar Matha-Mundu Kissu nei,Story nei !!…
So views may vary on Taste & Mood of the Audience. grin emoticon
So, I dont want to rate this film or give any Inference but Bawaal valo lagle fatie moja koro… CUMMING !! CUMMING!! CUMMING!! CUMMING!!