After a long time this can be termed as a true KJo trademark film which Will surely Entertain an Universal Audience with its Sweet Love Story which ofcourse is the Apt Modern Generation TRIBUTE to classic DDLJ which will automatically make u nostalgic. HUMPTY PROMISE!!
Though a predictable film but Simply Loved it because of its freshness
Alia is Electrifying & Vibrant and steals the Show from the word GO!!
Varun-Alia chemistry was on a Different Level in a Flawless First Half.
Second Half drags a little but is bearable because of the dialogues in the film.
Ashutosh Rana could have been far better.
Poplu & Shonty, Varun’s sidekicks are Riots .
The Ending is a Paisa Vasool if u r a SRK fan.
Note: DDLJ will remain DDLJ, recreating that is IMPOSSIBLE!