The CANVAS was Large….Expectations Larger…!!
Still The Magician manages to pull a hidden ACE out of a full Deck of Cards.
An amazing Experience to witness his Story-telling.Literally,A true competitor of himself. 🙂 Take a bow !!!
No Prizes for Guessing, his name is Srijit Mukherji, the Jack of all Trades.
Won’t reveal the Story it is a THRILLER DRAMA comprising of several references of past lives of the ‘Chotuskone’s with simple Twist which results in dramatic turn in climax. 😉
With such Heavyweight Stalwarts & Veterans in front of a splendid LENSWORK it is a visual Treat for the eye to experience the theme: NEMESIS-“Death”
Performance nie alada kore kichhu bolchhi na…Discovery of CHIRONJEET Sir,way to go..& Param…oh…Param have stole the show undoubtably.