Mr. Rajkumar Hirani is ‘GOD’ gifted..
Hands down, he is the best Director in the current Bollywood fraternity.
He has the ingredients like a lot of his contemporaries but he knows the exact RECIPE of a commercially viable  & yet a heart touching sensible film with a STRONG social message..which he delivers in his signature style i.e. COMEDY or should I say a provocative SATIRE .
Boman Irani & Saurabh Shukla are fantastic as usual but u will overlook everyone due to his presence,one & the only one, AAMIR KHAN…
Career Best Performance by Mr.Perfectionist will steal your Heart right from the beginning..accompanied by Anushka’s sweetness.
Powered with SANJAY DUTT’s Bhairo Singh & SUSHANT’s Sarfraz in Cameos, the movie definitely is a MUST WATCH MASTERPIECE!
STORYLINE?? : OMG!! a LAUGH RIOT!!  Lets not spill the bean..(hint already provided).
Lets say PK shows a mirror to us & makes us ashamed of our own reflection.The film has a depth, which formulates a message through some important Unanswered questions by PK that can also be debatable.
Sach me hamari Gola Lull ho gayi hai…Wrong number laga raha hai sab jane.
NOTE: Watch out for a surprise visit of RK in PK at the end.