A Bitter-Sweet family drama of an Old but Cranky Man, Bhaskar Banerjee..err..SORRY!!..’BHASKOR‘ Banerjee suffering from Constipation in his Second Childhood & his ‘non-virgin’ self-independent Bengali daughter-cum-Guardian PIKU..

The film resembles any Indian rather bengali family,such is it’s SiMPLICITY. And if you are a bengali you will surely enjoy every frame of it no matter in which corner of the world you are right now. The Portrayal of Kolkata & its northern bylanes of Shyambazar shows director’s roots belongs right here.The beauty of the city comes across with suh Perfection.

Shoojit Sircar has cleverly presented a very predictable & plain storyline with such brilliant execution thanks to Superb performances by AMITABH BACHCHAN & DEEPIKA PADUKONE, aptly supported by Irrfan Khan as Rana, a Sane Outsider witnessing an insane family PNPCs..

The blend or mixture of emotions essayed by DeePiku is Sublime whether it was the unspoken feelings towards Rana or Scolding her father, she rightly steals what rather is an Out & Out AMITABH BACHCHAN Show.
The Music is a Big Plus marking the Bolly debut of our local boy, Mr. Anupam Roy.Apart from Mermerizing Bezubaan & the Journey Song,the best part of the film is it’s Background Score with those soulful Tanpura tunes.

Overall, with its share of flaws here & there,the film may not be that popular all over India still it remains an Emotional ‘Motion’ Picture..close to my Heart.

Special Mention : Mousumi Chatterjee for adding much needed refreshment in parts.
I Rate –3.5/5