An apt film for a family audience wrapped with innocence all over it.

A Salman Khan film,where he is neither tearing his shirts off nor is he a super-human delivering punches & punchlines unnecessarily.This movie is a tight slap to his own recent series of illogical south-inspired flicks but makes himself immensely Proud of.Arguably His BEST performance ever.

And what can I say about Harshaali Malhotra.How sweetly she emoted in each & every scene with those expressive eyes.Shahida will win over everybody’s heart with utter innocence & mischiefs add to that her scintillating Chemistry with simple common man Pawan Singh Chaturvedi (Salman).Both of them will glue you to the screen whenever they appear. Kareena Kapoor is good in a comparatively brief role as a supporting actress to the 3 musketeers of Bajrangi,Munni & Chand Nawab,the Pakistani reporter. Yes, Chand Nawab urf Nawazuddin is very rightly the Third Musketeer who steals the movie & wins hearts by making the second half an emotional journey till the end. 🙂

This Kabir Khan film, based (as usual) on Indo-Pak bitter-sweet relations,is very down to earth & touchy.It is stretchy in the first half with too much unnecessary songs & dance sequences.And Pritam’s music is a big thump’s Down.The second half will leave you with a big smile on your faces and will undo whatever wrong the first half might have done.Otherwise, its a GOOD Watch Paisa Vasool! Though with predictable coincidences & dramatic CLIMAX sequence. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a film with a lot of heart and it is bound to find takers among one and all. It is a gala Eid gift for all Salman fans and movie lovers across India. It tries to show that humanity pervades all borders & religions and is able to pull that off in great style.

With Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the ACTOR SALMAN KHAN finally steps in & picks up from what he had left behind long back in 2003,when for the last time he had performed seriously in an ACTUAL film called TERE NAAM

We will LOVE more of something like this from you in the future, BHAIJAAN!! 😛