Before I went to the theaters I was in a fix on the mixed reviews of the film across the country and rave reviews in Kolkata dailies. Still I backed my guts getting a mental preparation of witnessing what I can term a ‘Unique’ never-seen-before cinema experience in Bollywood.

The Maiden production of Ranbir Kapoor in joint venture with Disney which took as long as 3 years in the making has delivered as per expectations and how? A Comedy-Fantasy-Musical-Adventure-Spy-Thriller genre (A first of its kind) that Anurag Basu has created is a very rare experiment one can ever imagine of.Atleast Bollywood hasn’t tried it in the extreme past.
Now what is Musical genre? Right? The Film has more or less 29 songs.Wait.What?
Yes….  Want to know why?
Because Jagga has a problem of Stammering which is why he has to sing all his dialogues in rhythm as practiced by his father Badal Bagchi (Tuti Futi).Jagga unravelling mysteries with his songs are the most exciting bits. That musical mistery bit sets the tone for Jagga’s investigative methods. And when you have Pritam-Anurag Basu-Amitabh Bhattacharya-Arijit behind,rest assured u are bound to create masterpiece in terms of BGM,Music,Dialogues & Songs. Much like Tukka Laga, Chocolatey Chunnu and Khaana Khaake Daaru Peekey Chale Gaye.

The screenplay is presented as chapters from a comic book; the movie uses Kolkata Boi Mela as its main storytelling device in a form of musical drama. The film unfolds as Shruti(Katrina) narrates stories from the book, and we’re pulled into Jagga’s fantasy world of merry characters and rhyming dialogues and exquisite locales. Plus small tributes to Feluda,Shundi & Goopy Bagha’s “Raining Monda Mithai” transforming into Christmas Cakes.
The film is packed with lots of fun,roller coaster rides,chase sequences, adventure, suspense, emotions and INNOCENCE (yes… Most Important characteristic).

Coming to technical part:
Performances : Ranbir is in his Outstanding Form overshadows everyone.Saurabh Shukla is brilliant as usual but it is our very own Genius Saswata Chatterjee who is the soul of the film. Proud!
Unlike many,to my absolute surprise, I completely fell in love for Katrina’s. The way she has moulded herself for Shruti Sengupta is Applause-worthy.Her best work till date.
Last but Not the Least, Ronydaaaaa……as the oh-so-cute cop, Rajatava Dutta.. I would have loved to see more of u.
But, all of them had one thing in common, INNOCENCE.
Exception : Basheer Alexander (for the details u need to watch the movie, no spoilers here.
Another name u cannot overlook is Mr. Ravi Verman, the cinematographer. It was like watching a National Geographic channel in a big screen.The way he captured nature is the Film’s second best aspect after music.Also, rightful credits definitely goes to the costume and art & make up department for making the characters look really amazing and believable.

Demerits : The Film’s duration.After a brilliant first half, the film fails to up the intensity created by itself thus dragging a healthy 15-20 min in the middle before regaining its tempo.Too clumsy at parts.

Now, knitting all together, All hail Anurag Basu’s unique vision makes this otherwise predictable Fairytale thoroughly watchable & unique.
Add to that an extra star for the SURPRISE Ending.Woo… that was something…!! Intriguing and will leave you curious for……. Clap!! Clap!!  Jagga Jasoos 2.0?? Are u listening?

A Cute Comic Book Fantasy straight from the Heart for every child (inside us) who loves to dream… This is our Bollywood’s hatke version of La La Land. A Must Watch for all Children and for others its a perfect film to discover a child in you.Go for it 🙂
A Cartoon Network favourite for the upcoming kids. (Y)