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June 2018


‘Shiuli’ – A white little flower with reddish orange ‘heart’ in the middle that mersmerises with its fragrance at a certain time of the year with lasting impressions.
That is exactly how you describe a film like ‘October’. It shows the passion of Love in the most sublime manner possible.It will test your patience as well much like destiny tests Dan’s patience.
Yes, Dan or Danish, the character which is perhaps Varun Dhawan’s Career Best Performance despite of a lot of scenes where he lacked the intensity required which could have been far better but the honesty wins over technique there. But Dan is an inspiration for the transformation and patience with positive hope no matter how futile the efforts will be or how thin are the rays of hope in return of nothing. A warm Hug to Juhi Chaturvedi for gifting us Dan.

Moving on to Banita Sandhu, she did an excellent justice to the scope she was given with expressionless eyes full of innocence yet speaking thousands of words.I personally feel she will remain a ‘One time wonder’ Shiuli for the rest of her life.

About the movie, what i felt was One needs guts to do a film like this in a Circus known as Bollywood.Our very own Tollywood is ahead in comparison in recent times in this context.The director didnt over do things at all…There’s no melodrama or a climax as such..Just a very Normal treatment of an emotional journey where the protagonist seeks answers and love in the strangest of circumstances.
Add to that a very soft yet impactful background score by Shantanu Moitra with violins at places to shake your inner souls.
It is a humane story about love to find its own life cycle of blossom with utmost care.

But for an audience seeking entertainment, the pace(which is absolutely fine) of the story might seem boring. (Therefore, Not for everyone)
In love and relationships, a lot remains unsaid and undefined. What can’t find it’s way into words, will find a way to flow out.
Just two Lines “Sublime & Fresh”
Kudos Shoojit Sircar & Again Juhi Chaturvedi ❤
Special Mention : Above all, a special deserving acknowledgement should go to Gitanjali Rao for a brilliant portrayal of Prof Iyer.
She deserves more exposure in Bollywood.

Signing Off
Shubhodeep Biswas




Suru ta kivabe korbo thik bujhte parchhina…
Rather bola bhalo, lekha ta suru korbo ki na, setao bhabchhi…

Karon ar jai hok amra Brahmananda Chakrabortyr bhasay akkhorik orthe film boddha ekebarei noi..Amra cinema premi bola jay 🙂
Tai borong ekta interesting golpo share kori..eta onekdin ager kotha jokhon ami cinema dekhte ebong bujhte shikhechhi sobe sobe.Sei somoy amar baba amay bolechhilo Rajesh Khanna obhinito ‘Anand’ cinema tir kotha, bolechhilo cinema ti dekhe hall theke chokh lukie beronor kotha. Karon tini lojjay chhilen je orokom kadte dekhle pachhe bakira kichhu bolen. Omaa,kichhukhon bade berie dekhen sobbar ek e obostha…. Sune Goosebumps diechhilo.Sthombito hoechhilam
Bole rakhi,Ami emni te cinema dekhe kadi tadi na bisesh.
Babar recommendation e Anand dekhechhilam, kedeochhilam.. 🙂
Since Then,onek rokom theme e onek rokom cinemay onek lom horsok muhurte chokher kol bhijechhe…gaaye kanta diechhe tobuo jawl ta goray ni..Onek movie e Touch korechhe immensely.
Hya, thik dhorechhen jeta boltee chaichhi seta holo Uma dekhe ese sei chokhe jawl taa goriechhe… Precisely bolle Thik Duto scene e ❤
Umar sathe Mohitosh Sur er interaction er drishyo ta odbhut vabe kapiechhe amay ar tarpor asi Babughat e bisorjon e Babul Supriyor Batellion er Entry te continuous Shojaru hoe jawar Climax muhurte ebong Gargi Roychowdhuryr FRAME IN korar moment tay just ar dhore rakha jay ni.
Tobe oporer lekhagulo pore bhul bhabben na… Ei kanna ta kintu koster noy , eta bissaser, monussotyer ebong ek odbhut bhalo lagar feeling that penetrates the rib cage to hit directly in there that kills your inner demons and selfishness.’MahishasurMardini’  ❤
Experience ta detail e bollam.
Ebar cinema ta nie boli…khub je bhalo cinema ba fatafati kichhu tao bolbo na..Er theke bhalo cinema Srijit er achhe..
Tobuo cinema tay sob kichhu predictable holeo ekta odbhut magic achhe..
Bangalider harie jawa odomoniyo spirit achhe,ekta realistic othosho unreal fairy tale achhe..Pahar (read Switzerland) theke neme asa Maa Durgar Mohaloya ar Bangaliana achhe.Sei orthe eti ekti emotional  ‘MASTERPIECE’ .
Hoyto Umar chokher dike takale montromugdho hoe apnio shamil hoben oi judddhe ar bare bare bhese uthbe Evan Leversage er ghotona ta (Google korun,na jana thakle).Boddo honest ei cinema ta. Cinema ta theke aro onek kichhu pawar chhilo…aro pawar khidey chhilam..

Tobe dorsok der uddesse bolbo This is a very ‘unlike’ Srijit film, it will be criminal to expect a mojor twist or something in the end. Obhinoy nie alada kore bola ta amar ar saje na…
Tobe Srijit Mukherjida ekta kotha, tumi jemon bolechho sob jaygay… Jemon Sara Uma na korle Uma ‘Uma’ hoto na, temon e ami bolbo…Trump card Anjan Dutta chhara Uma ‘Uma’ konodin e hoto na…’সম্ভব নয়, Sir’. A rediscovery of the legend.He owns the film Head to Toe.
P.S : Anirban is incredibly brilliant.and Watchout for a Gem of a Scene in Monoj Mitra-Anjan Dutta interaction.
Sesh kori ekta kotha bole, Sudhu ‘mon’ diye Uma dekhun…bhalo laguk, kharap laguk, soporibaare dekhe asun.Ar bari ese baba-mar gale mishti ekta Haami khe thank you bolun.
Ami aj ma baba k nie jachhi..amake Anand dekhie kadiechhilo, ebar amar pala…

Technically 3.5/5
Emotionally 4.5/5

Thank You
Shubhodeep Biswas

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