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Incidentally, the Tagline of the film Chennai Express sits apt for a film like this.
“Don’t underestimate the Power of a Common Man”

I would rather not comment on the comparisons with the Tamil & Telugu versions from which it is Copied…err..Inspired but will definitely give deserving Credit to the Original writer Jeethu Joseph..Well Written Thriller, Sir.
With Very Suave Twists & Thrills, the Movie never disappoints…Specially, the second half is where the film gains momentum & is gripping with tensions thanks to the flawless editing.
I find it a little Under-Rated a film in terms of its engrossing Premise & Supense in Storyline.

To the Readers, I would recommend a MUST WATCH !!!

Coming to the performance part, I found Tabu as the Standout Performer of the Film.Despite AJ playing the protagonist, she captured every scene with her presence.The rest of the cast played their usual parts in able hands of Nishikant Kamat’s direction.Coming to Ajay Devgn, after being diverted to a series of unnecessary trashes, it is good to see him try on a ‘character’ for size after a long gap.But, with a little hangover of his roles played in the recent past, he could have been more un-heroic in his postures.

Summing it up, a 4/5 !! 🙂
Go to the theaters ASAP 🙂




A short film by Sujoy ‘Kahaani’ Ghosh has been the talk of the web for a while now..which also shows the importance of reviewing it.
Sujoy Ghosh re-tells the Ramayana sub-story of the most beautiful lady on earth with a very thrilling and contemporary Twist of Magic Realism.Even at its 15 minutes runtime, the film leaves a deep impact on you..
Radhika Apte as AHALYA is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G !! I bet no one can take their eyes off her throughout the Short. Soumitra’s enigmatic screen presence as GAUTAM SADHU mesmerizes & Tota as INDRA Sen, a honey-trapped Rat is perfect fit.
Ahalya is a Must Watch & should not be missed at all.With Sujoy Ghosh’s deft touch and Radhika’s Sensuous Act, there are ample reasons to see this little GEM !!! 🙂



An apt film for a family audience wrapped with innocence all over it.

A Salman Khan film,where he is neither tearing his shirts off nor is he a super-human delivering punches & punchlines unnecessarily.This movie is a tight slap to his own recent series of illogical south-inspired flicks but makes himself immensely Proud of.Arguably His BEST performance ever.

And what can I say about Harshaali Malhotra.How sweetly she emoted in each & every scene with those expressive eyes.Shahida will win over everybody’s heart with utter innocence & mischiefs add to that her scintillating Chemistry with simple common man Pawan Singh Chaturvedi (Salman).Both of them will glue you to the screen whenever they appear. Kareena Kapoor is good in a comparatively brief role as a supporting actress to the 3 musketeers of Bajrangi,Munni & Chand Nawab,the Pakistani reporter. Yes, Chand Nawab urf Nawazuddin is very rightly the Third Musketeer who steals the movie & wins hearts by making the second half an emotional journey till the end. 🙂

This Kabir Khan film, based (as usual) on Indo-Pak bitter-sweet relations,is very down to earth & touchy.It is stretchy in the first half with too much unnecessary songs & dance sequences.And Pritam’s music is a big thump’s Down.The second half will leave you with a big smile on your faces and will undo whatever wrong the first half might have done.Otherwise, its a GOOD Watch Paisa Vasool! Though with predictable coincidences & dramatic CLIMAX sequence. Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a film with a lot of heart and it is bound to find takers among one and all. It is a gala Eid gift for all Salman fans and movie lovers across India. It tries to show that humanity pervades all borders & religions and is able to pull that off in great style.

With Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the ACTOR SALMAN KHAN finally steps in & picks up from what he had left behind long back in 2003,when for the last time he had performed seriously in an ACTUAL film called TERE NAAM

We will LOVE more of something like this from you in the future, BHAIJAAN!! 😛


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Lively & Vibrant Ranveer with his Infectious Energy & Comic Timing just manages to keep DDD afloat & swimming as the Film with lots of Promising Points & 180 running minutes turns out Draggy & Dull at parts & gets suppressed under the burden of Expectations being a Modern day Multi-Starrer.
As it says, “Jump ! Either u sink, or u swim “.
With few really good scenes and Zoya Akhtar’s Signature Directorial Style, the film revolves around a Rich Maladjusted Pretentious family who sorts out their inner selves on a cruise Trip.
Anushka’s ‘Fearless Farah’ does bring some pace momentarily to the ‘rather irregularly’ timed storyline while PC is commendable as an self-independent-in-mind but compromising daughter.
Ranveer-Priyanka depicted a scintillating sibling bonding.
Farhan ‘MARD’ Akhtar does have a refreshing cameo to promote his NGO campaign.
Anil ‘Hollywood’ Kapoor’s acting graph was a Sine Curve.
Though, Aamir ‘Pluto’ Khan voicing Senior Akhtar’s lines to narrate the story from a canine’s point of view is a Good Idea.
SPECIAL MENTION: Khushi Dubey as PUTLU Mehra is smart & the one Sweety to watch out for.She reminded me of Chhutki aka Rajeshwari of DDLJ Frame. Also,Ridhima Sud as Noori Sood was eye-catching. like emoticon
Dil Dhadakne Do would have been more fun had it been crisper & shorter.
Overall, Frolicking yet Fuzzy ! 3/5



Generally I intentionally avoid reading reviews of any film before watching the film but this time somehow I came across t2’s review of the following film.
And as I watch humari adhuri kahani, I share the telegraph’s review by Pratim D Gupta..
The reason that I am not giving a review by myself is that anything I will write in my review is already written here.It’s so apt.
The pick of the lines : “A film that has Vidya in the lead & Kahani in the name with Durga Puja sequencein Kolkata still remains unfulfilled”.
Enjoy reading it.


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Stellar of a performance!
Kangana, u beauty 🙂
Whether its Tanu or Datto, banno tera swagger was really sexy!
With the way she carried off Kusum, walked away with the film.
And aptly supported by winner acts of Maddy,Ayyub,Jimmy & Swara Bhaskar.
Though Swara & Ayyub didn’t get much screen space this time but was enough to leave an imprint.I personally think Swara should be used more often in films, she is quite a talent.
And kudos to Deepak Dobriyal for his comic timings & wit.
Summing it up, Anand L Rai directs another superb family entertainer with heart with catchy dialogues & GOOD Screenplay..
& wickedly gets away without showing double role in one lens’ frame not for once..
Songs are good though the baraat song by tanu was unnecessary.
In short,Kangana’s a Midas with her recent form.



A Bitter-Sweet family drama of an Old but Cranky Man, Bhaskar Banerjee..err..SORRY!!..’BHASKOR‘ Banerjee suffering from Constipation in his Second Childhood & his ‘non-virgin’ self-independent Bengali daughter-cum-Guardian PIKU..

The film resembles any Indian rather bengali family,such is it’s SiMPLICITY. And if you are a bengali you will surely enjoy every frame of it no matter in which corner of the world you are right now. The Portrayal of Kolkata & its northern bylanes of Shyambazar shows director’s roots belongs right here.The beauty of the city comes across with suh Perfection.

Shoojit Sircar has cleverly presented a very predictable & plain storyline with such brilliant execution thanks to Superb performances by AMITABH BACHCHAN & DEEPIKA PADUKONE, aptly supported by Irrfan Khan as Rana, a Sane Outsider witnessing an insane family PNPCs..

The blend or mixture of emotions essayed by DeePiku is Sublime whether it was the unspoken feelings towards Rana or Scolding her father, she rightly steals what rather is an Out & Out AMITABH BACHCHAN Show.
The Music is a Big Plus marking the Bolly debut of our local boy, Mr. Anupam Roy.Apart from Mermerizing Bezubaan & the Journey Song,the best part of the film is it’s Background Score with those soulful Tanpura tunes.

Overall, with its share of flaws here & there,the film may not be that popular all over India still it remains an Emotional ‘Motion’ Picture..close to my Heart.

Special Mention : Mousumi Chatterjee for adding much needed refreshment in parts.
I Rate –3.5/5



Have seen many a love stories on Screen but when it comes to Master Craftsman Srijit Mukherji, love stories had to have a twist..With an out of the box never-seen-before concept..Truly an experimental film,only one of its kind that teaches the true essence of LOVE and its whole definition with sensational CAMERAWORK by who else, Mr. Soumik Halder (Kudos prapti..)
A brilliant apt entitlement..and a bang on tag line summed up to a philosophical surrealistic movie.Watching it is an exploration and discovery of various muted emotions that our surroundings has to offer..Beauty of Nature.
Jagadish Chandra bole gechhilen,Srijit ki osadharon vabe byakto korlen..
Basically he reinterpreted four universal truths in this world and plays with his favourite subject i.e DEATH smile emoticon
Also An excellent tribute to iconic romantic tracks of bollywood interwoven in the last plot.
The film is different and not his Genre ofcourse so Definitely not everybody’s cup of tea but a representative of culturally rich INDIAN Cinema.
Watch out for the GEM of a scene..Lust of the Tree..Hat’s Off!!
* A Reflection.A Tree.A Bitch.A Corpse *



Finally got to see it atlast.
There are certain films that cannot be rated on their technical aspects and could not be criticized on that scale.
OTB is one such large hearted films that is sheer Nostalgia for every Bengali by blood.It celebrates the pure reminiscence of old bygone culturally rich Calcutta and its northern bylanes.
A treat for the kids born in 80’s,The movie may not be among the best technically sound ones, but it definitely glues your heart with emotions onsentimental grounds.
Kudos to Anindya for re-creating the 80’s kolkata with TV antennas, AIR theme tune,mohun bagan flag,football theme,manja dewa,etc….PERFECT!!
The Music is apt….and good performances overall by everybody rounds up well.Riddhi surely has a bright future ahead.
Watch it to fall in love with the simplicity and innocence of the film.

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